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Organic Compost and Vermi Compost

Organic botanical pesticides

Bio-Agni Plus is organic approved broad-spectrum botanical pesticide which is effective on all types sucking pest, worms, flies and soil insects also act as plant food. This is combination of various plant extracts and animal extracts.

Bio Agni Plus is an organic botanical pesticide and also effective plant food. It’s a combination of various plants, seeds and animal extracts.

Bio Agni Plus a certified organic pesticides effective on all types of insects like whitefly, mealy bug, mites, jassid ,thirps, armyworms, round worm, thread worm caterpillar, borer larva, paddy larva and all other similar sucking pests.

Sucking pests pierce plants with slender, sharp-pointed mouthparts and suck the plant sap. Withdrawal of the sap results in minute white, brown, or red spotting on the leaves, fruits, or stems of the plant. It may also cause curling leaves, deformed fruit, general wilting, browning, and drying of the entire plant.

The stem borer larvae bore at the base of the plants during the vegetative stage. On older plants, they bore through the upper nodes and feed toward the base.

Bio agni plus delivers following advantages in plant:

• Very effective on all types of insects, works as broad-spectrum pesticide.
• Increases plants sar (systemic acquired resistance).
• Can be sprayed on the soil at soil preparation stage to control soil insects
• Suitable for all stages from nursery to harvesting.
• Does not carry any residue in harvest.

For all crops 1ml to 2ml per lit of water according to crop development stage and insect attacks. Can be applied from nursery to harvesting. 2l per 200l of water for soil application through drip irrigation, fertigation system or manual drenching.